Corian Kitchen Sinks

Imagine a kitchen where colours and textures flow seamlessly together. Where surfaces, sinks and bowls become elegant waterfalls of smooth, sleek lines.

When you make Corian® kitchen sinks an integral part of your Corian® kitchen design, you get a sensational and practical look - because durable, nonporous Corian® kitchen sinks are as easy to maintain as they are pleasing to the eye.

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Combining big-city beauty with the high performance a cosy London flat demands, Corian® single sinks are available in a range of colours to complement any interior.

850 (1)
873 (1)
804 (1)
805 (1)
859 (1)
871 (1)
881 (1)
802 (1)
809 (2)
857 (1)
967 (1)
965 (1)
966 (1)
969 (1)
970 (1)

Double Sinks

Single Sinks

9 Series Single Sinks

Small Sinks

Available in Bone, Cameo White, Glacier White and Vanilla

Also available in Designer White

Corian Sink

Corian Vanity Basins

Corian® ready-to-install one-piece vanity tops and bowls fit more than 30 standard cabinet sizes and provide a custom look. Recessed tap decks catch and guide water overflow back into the bowl. And vanity tops flow seamlessly into bowls, eliminating trapped dirt and germs.

Available in Bone, Cameo White, Glacier White and Vanilla only.

The purchase of the basins includes glue-on overflow pieces, overflow tube, t-piece and sealing washer.


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