Whether you are developing atmospheric lighting or adding dramatic effect to furniture, Corian® is the perfect material. Back-lighting can be further enhanced by routering out designs and wording on the back of Corian®.

LED Kitchen Lights

Surface choices to inspire your projects...
...imagine the possibilities and we will help you achieve them.
Corian® Textures & Patterns
We would like to introduce you to our new range of textured panels.
These panels will transform plain areas into an attractive and unique feature.


The qualities of Corian® make textured panels the perfect solution for many applications:
•Sophisticated combination of beauty, strength and versatility.
•Can be applied to almost any conceivable scheme or sector.
•Pure, solid and extremely durable.
•Stain resistant.
We can provide you with as many textured sheets as required, a particular advantage for covering large surface areas.
Panels can also be backlit to create even more stunning effects.
These textured Corian® panels are available in all the colours of Corian®.

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    •  Properties of Corian®
    Corian® is a densely mineral-filled methyl methacrylate with the durability and rugged characteristics of stone combined with the workability of hardwood.
    It is solid, homogeneous, non-porous and resistant to many chemical and physical hazards.
    It cannot delaminate or rot; is difficult to stain; has good impact resistance; and is very easy to clean and maintain.
    With its design flexibility and the capacity to achieve solid, impermeable seams by using DuPont Corian® Adhesive, the material offers inherent hygiene and ease-of-maintenance on projects where these features are of particular importance.
    •  Resistance levels of Corian®

    Corian® resists substances with ease
    Substances which are in current use, for example: Alcohol, coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables, ammonia (10%), bleach (5%), disinfectants, washing soda, shoe polish, etc. can usually be removed with no effect on the surface by water and ordinary cleansing agents, abrasive powders or scouring pads. 

    The same procedure will remove marks from cigarettes left burning on the surface. Use spirit to wipe away stubborn cosmetics, and remove nail varnish spills with non-acetone nail varnish remover, washing with water after treatment.
    Concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents such as chloroform and ketone found as acetone in some brands of nail varnish and paint cleaners can all affect appearance after prolonged contact. However, if flushed with water promptly after exposure, most strong reagents and specialised biochemical stains will show no effect.


    Cleaning Corian
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  • Durability & Maintainance