It’s been over 140 years since Carl Neff made his first oven back in 1877. Since then, the kitchen has become the heart of the home, and the NEFF brand has gone from strength to strength.

Neff are always on a mission to develop innovative ideas and features for the most creative of cooks.

some of Neff's top highlights include the famous Slide&Hide® ovens, stylish TwistPad® Fire illuminating dial and a range of inspiring recipes available for you to use.

If you need an appliance that complements your cooking style, look no further than our single ovens range. They come with innovations like our unique CircoTherm® hot air system, which lets you bake and roast dishes on up to 4 levels simultaneously and everything will come out tasting like it’s supposed to. Looking for expand your knowledge and experience a different taste - choose between Vario Steam or Full Steam, and enjoy the advantages of steam cooking. After you're done, the oven will take care of the cleaning with the Pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle: after activating it, you just have to wipe away minimal residue.

NEFF has turned to magic in the search for ever-more delicious ways to cook. Okay, that's not literally true, but we do like to think there's a little bit of magic in our latest innovations. Take Variosteam. During cooking, our Variosteam technology adds moisture to the oven (in the form of steam), meaning that roasts, for example, will turn out succulent and juicy every time (carnivores rejoice!). Another piece of kitchen sorcery is NEFF's Flexinduction hob. Just place a pan anywhere on its smooth, dark surface and only the pan heats up, whilst the rest of your cooking area stays cool to the touch.

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