Siemens Home Appliances where advanced materials, sleek lines and geometric shapes meet to form a refined and clear design language. Introducing you to a life full of endless possibilities. 

Redefine your daily life with Siemens and Home Connect.

Now this technology has evolved into something bigger; an ever-growing network of partner services including Amazon Alexa and IFFT, so you can create a fully connected home. Discover a life full of possibilities.

Transforming your home, while simplifying your life. Siemens home appliances – always one step ahead.

A century’s worth of brilliance.

For the past 100 years, the brand Siemens stands for breakthrough technologies, engineered to revolutionise your home. Creating an intuitive user experience that is unparalleled. Launching products yesterday, that belong in tomorrow.

The introduction of home appliances irrevocably changed the way households were run around the world. And from the beginning of the 20th century, Siemens not only pioneered breakthrough technologies in home appliances, but has always been one step ahead. Always anticipating the need of the consumer and delivering solutions that made life simpler, more efficient, and extraordinary.

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