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Tristone solid surfaces provide high level design quality at an affordable price.

The surface technology delivers limitless design possibilities. 

Tristone worksurfaces are completely impervious to damage from bacteria or other microbes, since it is totally non-porous. For this reason it is often used in hospitals, restaurants, laboratories, and other places where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Tristone is NSF certified. This means that the materials have been tested and analysed, before being given the certification. NSF is the only third-party testing organisation which has such strict standards.

Tristone has NSF51 certification.

The sheet material comes in a wide variety of colours and can be cut and customised with limitless design possibilities. It can also be integrated with other materials in the kitchen or bathroom, such as granite, glass, tiles and more, so that you can have a room that reflects your own style.

Tristone is totally non-porous, and has no visible seams.

Tristone also comes with a 10 year warranty. This warranty can be transferred to the new owner, should you sell your home during the warranty period.

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