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The answers to many questions...

What is solid surface?

In 1963, solid surface was merely an idea. DuPont™ Chemical Company, aspired to create a durable, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing product that was homogenous in material and color.

While more popular materials such as granite, marble and laminate were widely used as building materials, they’re also naturally porous or used porous substrates, and thus more likely to deteriorate with use and harbor harmful bacteria.

DuPont created the first sheets of solid surface in 1964, which they called Corian®. Many companies have since created their own brands of solid surface, including LG HI-MACS®, Aristech Avonite Surfaces®, and Lotte Staron® to name a few.

What thickness can you fabricate?

One of the great advantages of solid surface is that there are no set or standard sizes.

We can produce a kitchen worktop or bathroom vanity top for example to any thickness. – and with totally inconspicuous joints. Even width and length have no limitation.

Does it stain?

Solid surface is totally non-pourous.

Only very minimal care is needed to keep it looking as good as the day it was fitted.

if you do get the odd stubborn stain or mark there are simple steps that can be taken by the end user to remove them. This can be done by using normal household cleaning agents.

If you manage to scratch the surface badly we can simply re polish the area and return it to new again for you.

How much does solid surfacing cost?

Due to every project being different It is very difficult to give accurate prices without seeing a plan or discussing your requirements.  There are several brands and price groups available dependent on the colours chosen.

Please feel free to email over your project for us to discuss further with you.

How heat proof is solid surfacing?

Due to solid surface being a resin-based material, care should be taken with hot pans and dishes.

We can fit stainless steel hob bars into the tops near hobs, and these allow you to put hot pans directly from the oven onto the top. A simple pan stand would also work and would be recommended to give you more worktop space.

Can we supply a template?

If your confident enough to make a template then we are more than happy to work to it.

If the job is quite technical and requires us to install onsite then we would normally recommend on us making the templates to ensure a smooth transition from template to installation.

How long will production take?

Our work schedule normally allows us to template with 3-4 weeks from notification of order.

Fabrication is normally 7-10 days depending on the size of the project you have.

An average size set of kitchen worktops, incorporating a couple of site joins and a upstand to the rear would take 4-5 hours to fit on site.

7-10 DAYS

Can we install it ourselves?

If your project does not require a site join, and is straightforward to handle and deliver, yes we can offer a supply only service.

If a joint is needed, or we feel that the job is vulnerable to inexperienced handling until it is installed then we prefer to fit.

We would always advise on warranty issues on supply only projects.

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